CBD Oil Manitoba

Yes, resolveCBD ships to Manitoba! Alleviate symptoms of anxiety, low mood, sleep issues, chronic pain, inflammation, and more with a CBD oil that works. Extracted from organically grown hemp, resolveCBD full-spectrum CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, making it a non-psychoactive alternative to pharmaceuticals or marijuana-based CBD products.

Still wondering whether you should try CBD in Manitoba? Here are 10 benefits of CBD you may not know:

  • 1.

    Pain relief, from chronic pain to temporary soreness

  • 2.

    Reducing epilepsy and seizures

  • 3.

    Reducing anxiety symptoms and improving low mood

  • 4.

    Improving sleep quality

  • 5.

    Improving symptoms of cancer

  • 6.

    Delayed onset of diabetes

  • 7.

    Reducing acne and inflammation

  • 8.

    Delayed progression of Alzheimer’s disease

  • 9.

    Improving the body’s ability to burn fat, leading to weight loss

  • 10.

    Reducing post-workout muscle soreness faster.

Why choose resolveCBD?

Organic, Local

Derived from organic, locally grown hemp

Education, Compassion, Accessibility

Read our our blog for articles about CBD, or ask us about Empathetic Pricing

Full spectrum CBD

Using all cannabinoids in the hemp plant, improving the efficacy of CBD

Lab Tested

Results posted publicly and transparently

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