resolveCBD Pets Oil 200mg

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We formulated resolveCBD for Pets Oil specifically with our pets in mind. We use natural, pet-grade organic ingredients with a full spectrum, whole-plant hemp extract. As a result, pets have no trouble consuming our oil with his or her favourite food or treats. Each bottle contains 30ml of oil.

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Organic ingredients

Healthy carrier oils

Locally grown hemp


Want to know more?  We wrote a full length article on CBD for pets - read it here.

Dosing Chart


Pet weight:
Under 10 lbs.

Daily suggested serving:
1-2 mg/day = 3-6 drops

Product will last:
100-200 days


Pet weight:
10 - 30 lbs.

Daily suggested serving:
2-4 mg/day = 6-12 drops

Product will last:
50-100 days


Pet weight:
30 - 60 lbs.

Daily suggested serving:
4-6 mg/day = 12-18 drops

Product will last:
33-50 days


Pet weight:
Over 60 lbs.

Daily suggested serving:
6-8 mg/day = 18-24 drops

Product will last:
25-33 days


What is CBD oil for pets?

We formulated resolveCBD for Pets Oil specifically with our pets in mind. We use natural, pet-grade organic ingredients with a full spectrum, whole-plant hemp extract. As a result, pets have no trouble consuming our oil with his or her favourite food or treats. Each bottle contains 30ml of oil. Our CBD products are full spectrum, whole plant extracts derived from Canadian grown hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC. As a result, all of our CBD oils are considered non-psychoactive and safe for daily use by your furry friend.

Benefits of CBD oil for pets

Animals suffer the same ailments and discomforts and humans, from separation anxiety to arthritis and joint pain. resolveCBD Pets Oil can help alleviate these symptoms so your dog or cat can live a healthier, fuller life.Read more here.

How to give CBD oil to your pet

resolveCBD for Pets Oil is formulated with Wild Alaskan salmon oil, making the flavour favourable to pets. Add the desired amount to your pet’s food once or twice a day as needed. Consult our dosage chart above if you aren’t sure of how much to administer, or live chat with us if you have any questions.

Can I give resolveCBD Oil for humans to my pet?

We recommend to give your pet resolveCBD for Pets Oil, rather than our current lineup. That’s because resolveCBD for Pets is formulated with Wild Alaskan salmon oil, rather than peppermint oil, which may taste unpleasant to dogs or cats. Additionally, the CBD concentration of our pet oil is 200mg per tincture, while other oils start at a higher dose of 300mg per tincture. As there is no official standard CBD dosing for pets, this ensures that you ease your pet into the world of CBD slowly and carefully.


  • Full spectrum CBD extracted from Canadian-grown hemp
  • Organic cold pressed hemp seed oil
  • Organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil
  • Wild Alaskan salmon oil


Mix the desired amount of oil into your companion’s favourite food or treats. It’s as simple as that. See our Pets Dosing Chart below for suggested servings.


resolveCBD products are not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment of any animal ailment.  As individual needs vary, always check with a licensed professional regarding veterinary treatment.

5 reviews for resolveCBD Pets Oil 200mg

  1. Sophie L.

    My small dog used to get very anxious when I would leave my apartment. He had always been fine alone but now that he is older (and ever since I moved) he would bark constantly when I left. I even tried anti-anxiety wall plugins but nothing seemed to work. After using this a few times, there is a huge difference. He is much calmer and barks way less frequently. I would recommend this product to anyone dealing with a similar problem.

  2. Angie C. (verified owner)

    Having tried other CBD products for my English Bulldog, RESOLVECBD has been the only product to help heal him from torn muscles. and allowing him to rest and heal without surgery. Best product out there for your pets!

  3. Andra W. (verified owner)

    This is a great pet product. I use it for my dog who has anxiety, and my cat who has epilepsy. We have always sworn by CBD for our pets, but I love that I can get oils for myself and my pets from the same website! Love that Resolve is Canadian, and the shipping was quick. This product is also more affordable than the American site I got pet CBD from last time (which also had much longer shipping time). When we finish this bottle, and I know how long it lasts, I will be setting up a subscription.

  4. Nathan C. (verified owner)

    This oil is helping a lot with my dachshund. He is on bed rest in his crate, and has been for over a month, while he recovers from a spinal issue(hansen type 1 disk disease). A couple drops in his food helps him relax, and frees up time for me to handle other responsibilities. His mood improved a lot after starting use of the oil. Enough to return to engaging in play again as much as he is able. While I cannot attest to other effects it may have(as he is currently on medication that act as anti-inflammatories) the oil has not gotten in the way of his medications, and he continues to improve with its use in conjunction.

  5. Jason N. (verified owner)

    My cat has been fighting the cancer for 6 months and last week we took her off her medication and started her on CBD drops and she he’s changed 100 % no more hiding she comes out and she just looks happy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the resolve CBD Pet Oil?

The ingredients are: Full spectrum CBD extracted from Canadian-grown hemp, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil and wild Alaskan salmon oil.

How do I give the resolve CBD Pet Oil to my pet?

We recommend adding resolveCBD Pet Oil to your pet’s food.

How much of the resolve CBD Pet Oil do I give to my pet?

When it comes to dosing, things can get slightly complicated, as CBD is a biphasic compound. This means that its effects vary greatly from a low dosage to a high dosage. For example, at a low dose, CBD can increase mental alertness, however, too high a dose and it can have the opposite effect, leading to drowsiness. The good thing is that CBD is non-toxic, so even a bit of an overdose just means an extra nap for you during the day to reset, and the same goes for your pet.

If you do decide to try CBD for your pet, be sure to follow these guidelines:
Consult with your veterinarian first, to ensure that it will not affect any current health conditions or medications.
Start off with 1 mL of CBD oil per every 10 lb of your pet’s weight, once a day for a couple of weeks, staying with them for a few hours to monitor their behaviour. If they appear to be drowsier than usual or have a large appetite, the dose is likely too high. If they appear normal, that’s great!
Increase the frequency of dosage to twice a day, again, staying with your pet to ensure there are no negative reactions from a second dose.
You can then increase each dose slightly, until you start to see positive effects.

Please refer to our <u><a href="#dosage”">Dosage Chart</a></u> to determine how much resolveCBD Pet Oil to administer to your pet.

Where can I find more information about CBD for pets?

We wrote a guide on CBD for pets, you can find it <u><a href="">here.</u></a>

Still curious? View our full FAQ here.