How CBD can help elevate your yoga practice

CBD and Yoga

CBD and yoga share many benefits in that they both produce calming mental and physical effects. While CBD (cannabidiol) won’t get you high, it can take your yoga practice to another level in how it helps to soothe muscles, ease inflammation, increase focus, and create an even better mind-body connection—all benefits to the body that…

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How CBD can elevate your skin care routine

CBD skin care benefits

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has a multitude of health and therapeutic benefits including reducing anxiety, promoting muscle recovery, and improving sleep, among others. Over the years, countless studies have established its efficacy in dealing with both short-term pain, as well as more drawn-out chronic illness. This includes studies that have found strong links between…

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How does CBD work in our body?

How does CBD work ini our body

By now we’ve all heard about CBD, or cannabidiol, and the many health benefits that it boasts, from reducing anxiety to improving the quality of your sleep. While it’s tempting to take the therapeutic claims at face value, it is imperative that we understand precisely how CBD works in our body. To better understand the…

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