resolveCBD Oil – 2000mg Full Spectrum


resolveCBD Oil 2000mg contains full spectrum CBD derived from locally grown hemp. Our most potent concentration packed in a 30mL tincture, resolveCBD Oil 2000mg offers a convenient way to consume CBD sublingually for fast acting results. 

Choose 2000mg if you are looking for relief from chronic pain (e.g. arthritis), anxiety, poor sleep, inflammation or another specific purpose, or if you consume high amounts of CBD and would like a higher dose per bottle.

resolveCBD Oil 2000mg is only available in our Classic peppermint flavour.

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What is CBD Oil 2000mg?

resolveCBD Oil 2000mg is a CBD tincture offering a quick, convenient way to consume CBD.  Each bottle contains 30ml of lightly peppermint flavoured full spectrum CBD oil, derived from locally grown hemp.

Our CBD products are full spectrum, whole plant extracts containing less than 0.3% THC. As a result, all of our CBD oils are considered non-psychoactive and safe for daily use. If you typically consume higher amounts of CBD, have a chronic condition like pain, inflammation, anxiety or low mood, or are looking for a greater concentration of CBD within each dose, our 2000mg option may be a good choice for you. 

The best way to consume CBD is sublingually (under the tongue) for the fastest, most effective results— although you can consume CBD oil in your beverage or food of choice. Coffee is a great option, however, avoid excessively warm liquids as they limit the effectiveness of CBD. Consult our Education section to learn more about everything CBD.

What’s the difference between CBD Oil 2000mg and the rest of your products?

Our CBD Oil 2000mg is the same CBD oil you’ve come to love, simply with a higher concentration of full spectrum, whole plant hemp extract. This means a 1mL dropper contains approximately 66mg of CBD and 100+ helpful cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. 

Which concentration should I choose?

If you’re looking for a high dosage hemp CBD oil, this is the one to get.

Each resolveCBD tincture contains 30mL of oil. See the suggested dosage chart below, which shows approximately how much CBD is in a 1mL dropper.

If you’re just beginning to navigate the world of CBD, our 500mg CBD Oil should do the trick. For more experienced users or those looking for relief from chronic pain (e.g. arthritis), anxiety, poor sleep or other ailments, a higher concentration may be more effective.

As a general rule of thumb, a standard dose is 0.15mg of CBD per pound of bodyweight, as needed. If you’re experienced with CBD or are taking CBD for a specific purpose, you can increase the dose to 0.20mg or more. 

Consult our CBD dosage chart for recommended dosing of CBD or take our 3-step quiz for a personalized dosing recommendation.

Does 2000mg come in your Natural flavour?

At this time, resolveCBD Oil 2000mg is only available in our Classic Peppermint flavour.



Full Ingredients:

  • Peppermint: Organic MCT oil, organic peppermint oil, and full spectrum hemp-derived CBD

Suggested Usage

Take 0.5-1ml under the tongue using our marked droppers, or try adding to coffees, smoothies and food. Store in a cool, dry place.


Information and products presented by resolveCBD are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment, nor is it intended to be a substitute or alternative for professional medical advice. Always consult with a licensed professional regarding medical treatment or possible interactions with prescribed drugs. Products are intended to be used as directed, by individuals who are 19 years of age or older.

26 reviews for resolveCBD Oil – 2000mg Full Spectrum

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  1. Rhonda G. (verified owner)

    This product actually took away my hip pain!!!!

  2. Nigel H. (verified owner)

    Taste is great. After years of trying different things to improve sleep quality I can share that this actually works. I am sleeping much better. Many other benefits for anxiety and mental clarity.

  3. Haley N. (verified owner)

    Perfect potency and smooth taste, this CBD helps me with both anxiety, paint from an IUD insertion AND sleep. I don’t think I can or want to stop taking this, the benefits are amazing!

  4. WAYNE T. (verified owner)

    Started on the 500mg, then upgraded to 2000mg….best decision I made!
    Take every AM and noticed anxiety is under control during those stressful day.
    Was able to score a sweet black Friday deal so was time to stock up.
    Customer service is always quick and helpful. Will not go elsewhere!

  5. Haley N. (verified owner)

    This CBD is yet again WONDERFUL!!!!! Everything I have tried from Resolve had been great honestly, I’ve just went from the 1,000 mg oil to this 2,000 mg and I just took some an hour ago and I feel great, relaxed and no anxiety what-so-ever. I’m fully impressed. Their customer service is also exceptional. I had e-mailed a few questions regarding dosage and they promptly replied with a ton of useful information. Great company, trust worthy quality products.

  6. Corey M. (verified owner)

    SCAM! AVOID THIS COMPANY! Go to CBDNorth. I paid for a 2000mg Oil, y et received a 1500mg oil. (More than likely a Black Friday/Cyber Monday scam tactic.) As most people don’t have the time or possibly even money to re-ship out the correct order. Also keep in mind that I PAID for the 2000mg OIl too!!! So goodbye money!

  7. Linda F. (verified owner)

    I recommend the 2000mg full spectrum if you are having joint pain or trouble sleeping. I struggled with both conditions until I started using the full spectrum. The broad spectrum did not work for me, but what a difference I found with the full spectrum. I am getting great nights of sleep and most of the joint pain has disappeared. I am a believer in resolve full spectrum… give it a try.

  8. Jackie M. (verified owner)

    I recommend this CBD oil for pain management. I was popping way too many pills for back and knee pain, I needed the pills just to function. This CBD eases that pain and I’m able to go about my day and get a good nights sleep. I’ve tried other online sources but the web sites are difficult to navigate and you really aren’t sure what you’re buying. I trust RESOLVECBD and, in my opinion, it’s a quality product so I keep coming back.

  9. Edmund C. (verified owner)

    must have if you are in heavy pain. first i tried and i was was not happy. second time i put a full dropper under my tongue , wait about 2 minutes , 10 minututes or less it full kicks in. wow. cant wait to try the new 2000Mg i used 1500 mg full spectrum CBD. thanks for this product. LIFE CHANGER!!!!!

  10. Sean M. (verified owner)

    WOW! This is the high octane version I was looking for! When stress is high and sleep is crucial, this stuff is the best. Beats any prescription drug I have used for sleep disorders and it tastes great as always! Thank you!