Accessibility comes first

Accessibility, compassion, and transparency have always been key pillars of our company. We all find ourselves in unprecedented times of hardship and uncertainty and we understand the mental and financial toll this may take. 

In an effort to remain as accessible to you as possible, we’re running the following promotions:

  1. 20% off site-wide + free shipping with no minimum spend
    2. 20% off for subscription based orders (originally 10% off)
    3. 25% off for Resolve Cares customers (originally 20% off)


Resolve Cares

If you have been affected by COVID-19 and are unable to access CBD, are a Canadian resident receiving disability benefits, are of low income, a veteran, elderly, and/or a first responder, we encourage you to apply for Resolve Cares, our empathetic pricing program. Receive 25% off every order up to a maximum of 2 orders a month.

Compassion for front line workers

To demonstrate our commitment to our community, we’ve pledged to donate 5% of all sales to local COVID-19 relief efforts for as long as the current state of emergency lasts. If you’re a frontline worker, we send our deepest thanks and gratitude to you. 

resolveCBD’s ongoing safety measures

Although we’re continuing to operate, we understand the importance of safety for our employees, customers and community at this time. 

In response to growing concerns regarding COVID-19:

  • All non-essential office staff are currently working from home, effective last week, with limited staff in the office to respect physical distancing recommendations
  • We have temporarily halted production, and only staff required to fulfill orders are onsite when necessary. 
  • Sanitation is of the utmost priority, with extra precautions taken in our facility when staff are required on site, such as increased deep cleans and sanitizations, masks and gloves provided to staff, and frequent hand washing. 

Make wellness a priority

We get it. Keeping up with health and wellness routines at this time can be challenging. We encourage you to check out our blog or Instagram, where we share content specifically geared towards keeping you healthy and happy while in isolation. 

From our favourite home workouts, to self isolation tips to CBD-infused recipes, we encourage you to join us in our resolution to put wellness first.