10 CBD myths, debunked

CBD is one of the fastest growing natural treatments for common ailments like anxiety and inflammation. Despite its increasing use there is a lot of fake news about CBD out there. Does CBD really make you high? Isn’t all CBD the same? Hemp oil and CBD are interchangeable, CBD is illegal—we’ve heard it all. While…

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How to use CBD creams, topicals and salves

What is CBD cream

When it comes to pain relief, targeting the problem area is vital. It’s one of the reasons why CBD cream is increasingly being used and sought after. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in both hemp and marijuana plants. CBD has proven to be a natural source of relief for mental ailments…

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10 tips to buy safe and effective CBD

How to shop for CBD

Buying CBD (cannabidiol) online is a quick and convenient process. That said, it’s important to consider some essential factors before making your purchase and understand how to shop for CBD oil safely. There are certain things you will have to consider about a CBD product and its brand before investing as, the reality is, not…

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