CBD oil for migraines

CBD for migraine relief: does it really work?

By Azra Kassam / February 8, 2021 /

We’ve all experienced the symptoms: a piercing pain behind the eyes, cramping in the neck, a pounding feeling in between the ears—you know it—migraines. While traditional treatments include over the counter medications and even botox, CBD oil for migraines may be a natural solution to this painful problem. Migraines and headaches are common health conditions,…

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CBD Oil Recipes

How to bring CBD into the kitchen: feat. the Six Pack Chef

By Azra Kassam / September 9, 2020 /

You may have caught Wallace Wong, aka the Six Pack Chef on our Instagram, cooking up yummy CBD Oil recipes like CBD Chicken Nuggets and CBD Slaw. But did you know there’s more to Wong than his six pack? From finishing as a finalist on Top Chef Canada, to competing in international bodybuilding competitions, hosting…

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CBD and meditation

CBD and meditation: the calming combo

By Azra Kassam / August 28, 2020 /

The query, “how do you meditate?” pulls up more than 500 million hits on Google. If this tells us anything, it’s that millions of us are looking for ways to quiet and relax our minds and bodies. Like meditation, CBD works to help treat anxiety, stress, and chronic pain—all physical and mental barriers that can…

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