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Don’t feel like taking a deep dive in the CBD world but would rather dip your toe in? Generalize yourself with these blog articles that give you all the necessary information without overloading your senses.

Canada Black Market

CBD in Canada: Your most common questions answered 

By Fred Levesque / November 19, 2021 / Comments Off on CBD in Canada: Your most common questions answered 

Ever since cannabis (which includes CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids) was federally legalized for recreational use in Canada on October 17, 2018, the legal landscape surrounding CBD products became a bit less clear as the Cannabis Act was mostly focused on defining the laws around marijuana and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD (cannabidiol) can not only be…

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CBD and Menopause group of friends

CBD and Menopause

By Fred Levesque / November 12, 2021 / Comments Off on CBD and Menopause

The benefits of CBD have become nearly common knowledge over the past few years as the interest in non-traditional medicine grows. Many health conditions can be treated using prescription medication, but people are now opting for natural remedies like CBD because it poses less risk, both long and short-term, and there can be fewer side…

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CBD and celebrities friends holding champagne glass

CBD and Celebrities

By Fred Levesque / October 12, 2021 / Comments Off on CBD and Celebrities

The popularity of CBD products has been growing over the last few years as people become more aware of all the health benefits that can be derived from them. From pain management to helping combat anxiety, CBD has been shown to improve its users’ quality of life. Its versatility is part of the reason that…

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