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How long does it take CBD to work

How long does it take for CBD to work?

By Azra Kassam | October 24, 2020 |

Choosing the right CBD product is important, and your decision may also be influenced by your preferred consumption method and the length of time it takes to activate in your system. It is important to note that how long it takes for CBD to work will differ based on the consumption method that you choose.…

CBD extraction methods

A complete guide to CBD extraction methods

By Azra Kassam | October 24, 2020 |

In order to produce the CBD products that are permeating industries like health, wellness, and beauty, CBD must first be extracted from the plant that carries it. Of course, not all CBD extraction methods will yield the same results, and some methods are safer and more effective than others. Here we will cover solvent extraction,…

CBD for winter

5 ways to prep for the fall and winter with CBD

By Azra Kassam | October 18, 2020 |

As the sun sets on warmer weather, it’s time to start prepping for the cold. As you start to pull out the hoodies and boots you may also want to think about adding CBD to your cold weather arsenal. From dry skin to joint pain and even that dreaded winter cold, using CBD in the…

CBD for hair loss

CBD oil for hair loss and thinning hair – everything you need to know

By Azra Kassam | October 18, 2020 |

Want to give your hair some real TLC? Try CBD. You read that right. CBD oil does more than just treat chronic pain and anxiety it can also take hair from good to great and thin to full. CBD oil for hair loss may not be the first thing you think about, but its natural…

10 CBD myths, debunked

By Azra Kassam | September 24, 2020 |

CBD is one of the fastest growing natural treatments for common ailments like anxiety and inflammation. Despite its increasing use there is a lot of fake news about CBD out there. Does CBD really make you high? Isn’t all CBD the same? Hemp oil and CBD are interchangeable, CBD is illegal—we’ve heard it all. While…

CBD oil for acne

Clear mind, clear skin: a complete guide to using CBD for acne

By Azra Kassam | September 15, 2020 |

By now, you have no doubt heard about CBD. It is bandied about like a common buzzword and articles and blogs abound shout its praise and aggressively promote it. Businesses such as spas, coffee shops, and health and wellness brands have begun to incorporate it into their product lines. More recently, evidence has shown that…

CBD Oil Recipes

How to bring CBD into the kitchen: feat. the Six Pack Chef

By Azra Kassam | September 9, 2020 |

You may have caught Wallace Wong, aka the Six Pack Chef on our Instagram, cooking up yummy CBD Oil recipes like CBD Chicken Nuggets and CBD Slaw. But did you know there’s more to Wong than his six pack? From finishing as a finalist on Top Chef Canada, to competing in international bodybuilding competitions, hosting…

CBD and meditation

CBD and meditation: the calming combo

By Azra Kassam | August 28, 2020 |

The query, “how do you meditate?” pulls up more than 500 million hits on Google. If this tells us anything, it’s that millions of us are looking for ways to quiet and relax our minds and bodies. Like meditation, CBD works to help treat anxiety, stress, and chronic pain—all physical and mental barriers that can…

CBD oil for cats

How to use CBD oil for cats

By Azra Kassam | August 26, 2020 |

Our cats are more than just our furry friends, they are companions, providing us with a unique sense of comfort that only a pet can. Like us, however, our cats can experience ailments, anxieties and diseases, which can hinder their quality of life. The good news is that there are various ways that you can…

CBD for runners

CBD for Running Injuries & Recovery

By Azra Kassam | August 20, 2020 |

While the benefits of running are plenty, it can also come with some drawbacks. Unsurprisingly, running puts a great deal of stress on the body, particularly the legs. Here, CBD for runners can offer multiple recuperative health benefits.  Running, jogging, sprinting—all of these activities are time-honoured methods of exercise. Not only are they a great…